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Assignment 2 – Game Design Document

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For week 5 task we were required to design for own Munchkin playing cards.

The images I’ve used are not of my own; some of the images are from own of favourite games The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

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For weeks 4 task I was required to watch and compare the narrative Structure of two movies.

The movies I chose where The Day After Tomorrow and Independence Day.

Movie 1: The Day After Tomorrow Movies 2: Independence Day
1. Equilibrium
Before the storm hit, Jack Hall, a climatologist for NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), is a father struggling to give attention to his son. Before the aliens invaded, the people of Earth thought they were alone in the universe and that aliens were a myth.
2. Disturbance
The entire world has been hit by a major global climate change creating apolitical disasters for some major cities with Jack’s son Sam has been catch in the middle of the disaster. An alien mothership, over 340 miles in diameter (around 550 km), has come into Earth’s orbit and which deploys several dozen destroyer like spacecrafts soon after it comes to a complete halt.  Each spacecraft being each 15 miles (24 km) in width take positions over many of Earth’s majorly populated areas, including New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.
3. Protagonist
Jack Hall; must make a daring trek across America to reach his son, who has been trapped in the cross-hairs of this international storm which plunges the planet into a new Ice Age.Sam Hall; is in Manhattan, New York City for an academic competition with his friends Brian and Laura where they also meet a new friend J.D. during the competition the weather becomes massively violent forcing them and other survivors to make a hasty retreat in the New York Public Library. David Levinson; an MIT-graduate working for a cable company in New York City, discovers a hidden satellite transmission which he believes is a timer counting down to a coordinated attack by the aliens.Captain Steven Hiller; a marine troop from a  F/A-18 Hornets squadron known as the Black Knights is ordered back to base, the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) whilst on leave.
4. Plan
Sam is able to call his dad from a pay phone from inside the library where Jack instructs him to stay indoors and not to go outdoors, to burn anything they can find and to wait it out because he will do anything he can to come for him.Jack sets off to Manhattan to find his son, accompanied by his work colleagues and friends Frank and Jason. The original orders from president to the people of the U.S. was to stay in their homes and stay safe but now with the help of his ex-wife Constance, a staff member of the White House, he has been informed by David what he has discovered in the transmission and that the aliens are using Earth’s satellites against them to coordinate an attack.  The president orders an immediate large-scale evacuation of all cities and to get as far away as possible from the spacecraft.
5. Obstacle
After been instructed by his dad not to go outside, Sam tries to warn and convince the other survives of the Manhattan disaster to do the same but after seeing and hearing that people are heading south, they don’t listen in that result they decide to leave the library to find leaving only a few left in the library.As they travel to Manhattan to find Sam, the truck that Jack and the other are travelling in crashes into a snow-covered tractor-trailer just past Philadelphia, so the group continues on snowshoes. As David suspected; the aliens attacked, creating ultimate deviation around the world leaving with possibly hundreds dead.The F/A-18 Hornets squadron, the Black Knights have been ordered to participate in an assault on the destroyer that has devastated the city of Los Angeles.  The assault fails due to the F/A-18 Hornets weapons being unable to penetrate the spacecraft’s force field which then worsens as the troops are caught up in a one-sided dogfight when smaller attacker ships are released, which later results to Captain Steven Hiller being the only survivor after evading fire from the attacking ships.
6. Complications
After been instructed by his dad not to go outside, Sam tries to warn and convince the other survives of the Manhattan disaster to do the same but after seeing and hearing that people are heading south, they don’t listen in that result they decide to leave the library to find leaving only a few left in the library.As they travel to Manhattan to find Sam, the truck that Jack and the other are travelling in crashes into a snow-covered tractor-trailer just past Philadelphia, so the group continues on snowshoes. With no hope the Secretary of Defense Albert Nimzicki is trying to influence the U.S. President that  the only method to defeat the alien invasion is to use nuclear weapons but this involves killing more U.S. civilians which the President does not want.  Nimzicki earlier discussed this with the rest of Joint Chiefs of Staff who are currently taking shelter in NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).However it has now come to their attention, informed by a tech commander, that NORAD has been attacked and wiped out; killing the Joint Chiefs, along with the Vice President.

In the commotion between David and Nimzicki, when David over hears the discussion for a nuclear attack, David’s father reminds them that they would not be alive if it wasn’t for him and mentions they could have prepared for this with the discovery and recovery of an alien vessel found in 1950s in Roswell, Mexico which is being held in a bunker called “Area 51”.   The President denies of that every happening and that there is no existents of Area 51 but in fact there is when Nimzicki slips out “that’s not entirely accurate” of Area 51 not existing.

7. Timeout
As they’re trying to keep warm near the fireplace Laura asks Sam what his favourite vacation was.  He explains that he went to Greenland with his dad on one his research trips a few years ago and the ship broke down with the result of them getting stuck. Although that sound horrible and boring, Sam clarifies that it was really nice with just him and his dad hanging out for 10 days.Night has fallen Jack and Jason have settled in a tent.  Time is dark for them, there’s a touching moment when Jason is getting comes cups from a bag for what is clearly some substances that Jack is cooking up.  Too many cups fall out though because one was obviously for Frank. The movie times out to the wreckage of Los Angeles with Hiller’s girlfriend Jasmine where she comes across a (vehicle?) that she uses to transport herself, her son and other survivors to the El Toro MCAS.  Upon the journey they come across the wreckage of a helicopter where they find the first lady alive just badly injured.As Hiller is using his parachute to drag the body of the alien across the desert, he is picked up by Russell Casse, who is traveling across the desert with a group of refugees in a convoy of RVs.  From there they take the captured alien to Area 51.  Area 51 also happens to be where the President and his remaining staff have landed.  Area 51 conceals a top secret facility housing a repaired attacker ship.  Attempts have been underway since the late 1960s to repair the attacker ship.  Upon arrival of the alien mothership, the controls for the attacker have become activated.
8. Crisis
From the result of the superstorm, the U.S. President’s helicopter is caught up in it, killing everyone on board, leaving the U.S. Vice President in charge.With the hasty escape from the wave that that has covered Manhattan, Laura cut her leg which has now lead to blood poisoning.

From the view from space the viewers can see the astronauts observing the earth from the space station that it is completely covered in several cloud vortexes with a, with the centre known as the eye of the storm.  They send the infrared imaged results to Houston.  The results tell them that the storm is going to hit New York in inside an hour.

While Jack and Jason are stilling making their way to Manhattan on foot, from what’s little to be from exhaustion Jason suddenly collapses.

As Jack and Jason get closer to Manhattan they find the bodies of people who tried to evade the storm.  Viewers would these people to be the rest of survivors from New York Public Library that ignored Sam to leave.

After arriving at Area 51, Hiller meets up with General William Grey where he is regret to inform Hiller when asked that El Toro MCAS has been completely destroyed; with Hiller left thinking that Jasmine and Dillon have been killed.Jasmine and the other survivors arrive at El Toro MCAS but finds it to be completely evaporated where she’s also left thinking that Hiller has been killed.

When lead scientist Dr. Brackish Okun removes an outer “bio-mechanical” suit from the alien, the living being inside is revealed.  The creature kills Dr. Okun and the examining crew, and because it has no vocal cords, it makes use of Dr. Okun’s voice box to communicate with the U.S. President, who is outside the glass windows of the operating room.  Its first words are “Release me.”  The President poses a question to the alien: “Can’t we live in peace?” The creature says “No.” When the President asks the creature what it wants them to do, it responds, “Die.”  It then uses its telepathic powers to immobilize the President and fling him to the ground.  The military personnel with the President then shoot the alien through the glass.

During the incident were the President was immobilized, he said he was sharing the thoughts of the alien.  He learned that the aliens have done this before.  They attack planets, use up the resources, kill the life forms, then move on.

9. Climax
With Laura being afflicted with blood poisoning; Sam, Brian, and J.D. must search for penicillin in a Russian cargo ship that drifted inland.   While they’re there Brian suggests to also finding food which delays for a little bit.  While they’re a causing a commotion, they have been heard by some wolves that earlier escaped from the New York Zoo where they scented their foot prints from the snow resulting in an attack where they just escape.   Just then, the eye of the North American superstorm begins to pass over the city with its -150 °F instant freeze temperatures, and the entire New York City skyline begins to freeze solid, buildings and air alike.  The three just return to the library with the medicine but the entirety interior of the library freezing behind them, closing the door behind them is just not enough so they coming to burn more books to try and keep the fire going.Jack and Jason are so close now and just before they make their last stop for rest they find the rest of the survivors that ignored Sam’s advice earlier to stay with them.  Jason discuses with Jack that chances of Jack’s survival are slim but Jack tells him that he made him a promise. After the President was assaulted by the alien he decides to use nuclear weapons against the destroyer ships but that fails.David Levinson comes up with a plan to use the now operating attacker ship to infiltrate the mothership and infect the mothership with a computer virus to deflect the alien’s shields.  With their shield down, a fleet of fighter jets could attempt an attack and hopefully destroy the alien space crafts around the world.

Hiller volunteers to be pilot the attacker, with Levinson accompanying him to upload the virus to knock out the aliens shields from the mothership.

10. Resolution
The storm over New York is finally dissipating, where from space the astronauts can confirm to Houston they can see land mass for the first time in days.  Jack and Jason have made to New York and have found the library completed covered in snow giving the suspicion that there’s no hope for Sam.  They find an entrance through a window of the library in which they search around for Sam and the others.  Which they do, all warm and safe.In this successful attempt Jack has made, the now appointed President has been informed by Tom (Gomez) that Jack made it to New York and they found survivors giving him hope and also gives the ordered to pick them up and to search for more survivors. Levinson and Hiller successful uploaded the virus undetected until they try to leave.  President Whitmore leads the American fighters against the destroyer heading towards Area 51.  Even though the aliens’ shields are down, the fighters’ missile supplies are quickly exhausted leaving Russell with the last remaining missile. But his firing mechanism jams so sees the only to defeat is by sacrificing himself and with a kamikaze attack.  The explosion causes a chain reaction which annihilates the ship.With a narrow escape, Levinson and Hiller successfully deploy the nuclear war head into the mosterhip, destroyer it and the attacker ship on earth.

Blog #4 of 5 posts for ACM 2012 – Emerging Technology Design

My idea/discussion of the history of electronic games starts with The Brown Box prototype created by television engineer Ralph Baer within a team in 1968, which lead to the development and release of the Magnavox Odyssey.

The Magnavox Odyssey is the world’s first commercial home video game console.  It was first demonstrated in April 1972 and released in August of that year.  It being a digital video game console; apparently it is often mistakenly believed to be analog, due to misunderstanding of its hardware design.

The most popular video game platforms are the:
  • PC (including Apple’s Mac and Linux computers)
  • Sony’s PlayStation 3 (PS3) and PS Vita (previous gen. PSP)
  • Microsoft’s Xbox 360
  • Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS/XL
  • and minor platforms include smartphones and tablets.
Comparison by generation
Manufacturer Sony Microsoft Nintendo Sony Nintendo
Seventh generation PlayStation 3 Xbox 360 Wii PSP Nintendo DS
Eighth generation PlayStation 4 Xbox One Wii U PS Vita Nintendo 3DS
Comparison by graphics using Lara Croft series

(click image for larger preview)






[original link for picture]

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Munchkin is a deck card game created by Steve Jackson Games that has a humorous take on RPGs (role-playing games), written by Steve Jackson and illustrated by John Kovalic.  There have been several expansion packs and sequels published due to the successfulness of the original game.

My first experience with the role-playing card game Munchkin was very confusing and quite ridiculous. In my first turn I lost all my cards because I failed to run away from a monster; I was required to give away my remanding cards to the other players (that was the bad outcome if I failed to runaway). A very bad first try and start for me.

This was my ending set and deck of cards.

Character set cards:


Other cards:

Blog #2 of 5 posts for ACM 2012 – Emerging Technology Design

Fun can come in many forms; purely it is the enjoyment whilst participating in leisure activities.  One way people may experience fun is by playing a game that you like, that heightens your interests, something that keeps you entertained and in which you may not mind continuing the adventure you’re embarking on (“this is fun” someone might say).  It’s like an enjoyable distraction keeping you from any serious tasks.  Often fun can be unexpected.  The word funny comes from fun, funny mainly leading towards being a joke, for instance someone might say “that was funny” after being told a joke which they weren’t expecting to hear.

The meaning of fun for me is playing online multiplayer games with friends where we can enjoy and amuse ourselves together.

Blog #1 of 5 posts for ACM 2012 – Emerging Technology Design

Title Sequence – Lost Within the Forest of the Deep from Catherine Cook on Vimeo.

Published in May 2013

The purpose of this video was to create a title sequence of anything of my choice with Adobe After Effects for a Special Effects and Motion Graphics assignment. I decided to go with a horror out in the woods spooky theme for this task because I am a lover of horror films. In the video you’ll find a mock production company (Count Sheep Productions) who actually a character I created years ago for another assignment and to go with the spooky theme I created the Eclipse Studios animation because an eclipse can take your light and bring on darkness. The names I chose to showcase in my animation are important because they are some of the best known actors to be in horror films; Sigourney Weaver know for the Alien film series, Tony Todd as the Candyman and Bruce Campbell starred the original The Evil Dead.


Forest Animation: