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Posted: April 3, 2012 in ACM 2009 - International Design, Uni
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In process of this product design, I to had think of a company name for distributing energy drinks; but before I did that we had think of designs for different shaped containers such as bottles. I later thought of a company name; “Comic Hit”. Which relates to the sound effects that are seen in comic books. So I listed a few comic sounds such as – Pow, Zap, Blam, etc and went on from there. I’ve designed it so that each comic sound effect represents in own flavour.


The reason I choose this sort of name and design for my energy drink was because of the new popularity of comic books and comic book related things. For examples; the recreation of both DC Comic’s and Marvel Comic’s books created into movies – for DC; the Batman storyline and Marvel; comic heroes surrounding The Avengers storyline.

Target Audience

  • Primary Target:
    The primary target audience for my energy drink design would males and females between the ages of 17 to 35. Based on my research; energy drinks are typically attractive to young people. Approximately 66% of its drinkers are between the ages of 13 and 35 years old, with males being approximately 65% of the market.
  • Secondary Target:
    Anyone who likes drinking energy drinks that fit within the age restriction of their country.

Competitors Analysis

Below is a list of some of the most international recognised energy drinks around the world til this day and also my main rivals in the energy drink industry market.

Red Bull

Introduced: 1987
Country of origin: Thailand and Austria
Slogan: “Red Bull gives you wings”
Recognised for their slogan; “Red Bull gives you wings” and their sponsorship’s with many different sporting events. For example; their Formula One team – Red Bull Racing and their air show racing event – Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

Monster Energy

Introduced: 1997
Manufacturer: Monster Beverage Company
Country of origin: United States
Slogan: “Unleash the beast”
Recognised for their black slim glossy cans with the green monster M logo. On some cans the logo is a different colour depending on the flavour. Monster is also recognised for their sponsorship into various major sporting events such as; Formula One car racing, BMX, motocross and snowboarding.


Introduced: 1997
Manufacturer: Frucor Beverages Ltd Frucor Beverages Ltd
Country of origin: New Zealand
Slogan: “It all starts with “V”
“V” is one of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most recognised and popular energy drinks, New Zealand having owned over 60% of V’s shares and Australia owning 53%.


Introduced: 2006
Manufacturer: Coca-Cola Amatil
Country of origin: Australia
Slogan: “Mother of an Energy Hit”
Mother would be mostly recognised for their change of the energy drink formula after most consumers reported that the original formulation to be distasteful. Mother’s original formulation remained unaltered on the market for 18 months. Until reports emerged in mid-2008 that Coca-Cola had undertaken extensive market research to re-evaluate Mother after it failed to equal or exceed the popularity of V or Red Bull.


Country of origin: Australia
Slogan: “Get a little bit Wicked”
Recognised for its uniqueness, bring a whole new energy experience with artistic design combining tattoo attitude with caffeine. Artistically done Sydney, Australia tattooist by Kian Forreal.

Tag Lines

Tag Lines

Flow Chart of ideas


Colour Palette

Name Flavour Colour Palettes
Pow Grape Purple #663399 #54297E #A77BD2
Ka-boom Lime Green #66CC33 #003300
Blam Blueberry Blue #0033FF #9BAFFF
Zap Lemon Yellow #FFFF00 #FFFFCC
Crack Vanilla White #FFFFFF #000000
Snap Apple Dark Green (Gradient) #003300 #006600-009900
Crassh Passionfruit Light Fluoro Yellow #FFFF66 #FFFFCC
Klang Orange Light Orange #FF6600 #FFB482
Rumble Raspberry Dark Pink #990033 #FF598F
Crunch Cola Brown #996633 #DCBA98 #663300
Thud Strawberry Red #990000 #FF0000
Taka Taka Taka TBA TBA TBA


Here are some prototype labels below:

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