Interview and Questions Process

Posted: April 3, 2012 in ACM 2009 - International Design, Uni
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As apart of my International Design lab assessment we had to interview someone and question them about our product. I asked my interviewee how and why was appealing to them about my produc and if there could be any improvements in my product.

Q. Does the branding name “Comic Hit” suit a energy drink product and explain why?
A. The brand name suits the theme of energy and power, good association for an energy drink. The problem I can think of is people referring to the product by it’s flavour title (Crunch cola for example) rather than the brand Comic Hit, that being said it may not be a disadvantage as it reduces the confusion of what flavour a customer wishes to purchase.

Q. From these sketches, which container is most appealing to you and why?
A. The cylinder can is my preferred container of choice. This is because it is simple and the most common energy drink container, leading to less confusion as to it’s audience. It would most likely be the cheapest to make leading to a lower sale cost which would attract more people to purchase it.

Q. From this sketched label design is it eye catching and would it make you purchase the product?
A. It is a eye catching design, the large coloured text the black background brings the eye straight to the flavour. If I was intent on purchasing an energy drink this design would get some serious consideration and most likely a purchase as it does grab my attention and draw it to the flavour.

Q. From this list of energy drink label names; do these comic sounds suit the flavour?

  • Pow – Grape flavoured
  • Ka-boom – Lime flavoured
  • Blam – Blueberry flavoured
  • Zap – Lemon flavoured
  • Crack – Vanilla flavoured
  • Snap – Apple flavoured
  • Crassh – Passionfruit flavoured
  • Klang – Orange flavoured
  • Rumble – Raspberry flavoured
  • Crunch – Cola flavoured
  • Thud – Strawberry flavoured
  • Taka Taka Taka – TBA
  • Whack – TBA
  • Phoom – TBA

A. All of the flavours match their onomatopoeia titles. Apple snap, orange klang and cola crunch all role off the tongue and allow for easy identification when purchasing multiple flavours of the product. The 3 final titles will probably not be as catchy as the previous named as ‘taka taka taka’ is too long and the other two (phoom and whack) don’t have the same flair and feel of power as the rest.

Q. Can you make any suggestions or improvements to these label names?
A. Give the brand name ‘Comic Hit’ a unique font or somehow make it stand out more as it will make it a more recognisable brand. Keep each flavour in its own font and colour to keep them distinct.


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