Taken Quote Typography from Catherine Cook on Vimeo.

Published in May 2013

The purpose of this animation was to create a typography with anything of my choice with using Adobe After Effects for a Special Effects and Motion Graphics assignment. I decided I would go with a quote, one that was most memorable quote that hopefully most everybody would know. There was only possible quote and that was the quote by Liam Neeson who stars in Taken and in this particular scene where his character Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent, daughter is being kidnapped and one of the kidnappers picks up the phone when has this memorable quote where people all over the world loved, including myself. In my opinion I think this was amazing because for the first time watching I wanted to know how it was all going to go down. I only did about the last 20 seconds of it since the limit for my assessment was 20 but it does at an adequate part; not in the middle of a sentence.

I would also like to disclose that this is purely for educational purposes; I was required to create this animation for an assignment. The audio used is copyrighted by the Production Companies and Distributors of the movie Taken.


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