Lost Within the Forest of the Deep (Title Sequence)

Posted: May 31, 2013 in ACM 2005 - Special Effects and Motion Graphics, Uni
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Title Sequence – Lost Within the Forest of the Deep from Catherine Cook on Vimeo.

Published in May 2013

The purpose of this video was to create a title sequence of anything of my choice with Adobe After Effects for a Special Effects and Motion Graphics assignment. I decided to go with a horror out in the woods spooky theme for this task because I am a lover of horror films. In the video you’ll find a mock production company (Count Sheep Productions) who actually a character I created years ago for another assignment and to go with the spooky theme I created the Eclipse Studios animation because an eclipse can take your light and bring on darkness. The names I chose to showcase in my animation are important because they are some of the best known actors to be in horror films; Sigourney Weaver know for the Alien film series, Tony Todd as the Candyman and Bruce Campbell starred the original The Evil Dead.


Forest Animation:


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