Blog #1: Defining fun

Posted: July 24, 2013 in ACM 2012 - Emerging Technology Design, Uni

Fun can come in many forms; purely it is the enjoyment whilst participating in leisure activities.  One way people may experience fun is by playing a game that you like, that heightens your interests, something that keeps you entertained and in which you may not mind continuing the adventure you’re embarking on (“this is fun” someone might say).  It’s like an enjoyable distraction keeping you from any serious tasks.  Often fun can be unexpected.  The word funny comes from fun, funny mainly leading towards being a joke, for instance someone might say “that was funny” after being told a joke which they weren’t expecting to hear.

The meaning of fun for me is playing online multiplayer games with friends where we can enjoy and amuse ourselves together.

Blog #1 of 5 posts for ACM 2012 – Emerging Technology Design


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