Hello peoples 🙂

As you can see my name is Catherine (Deborah) Cook, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Interactive Media at the Victoria University, Australia.

I live in the western suburbs of Melbourne and have lived there for most of my life.  I have never been outside of the Victorian border.  I am hopefully one day that I will break free and explore the world and travel to such places like Egypt and the United Kingdom.

One major interest and hobby of mine is movies.  I like to think as myself as a movie buff; I’m always surfing the web for upcoming movies in next few days, months and even years.  My major source is IMDb (the Internet Movie Database).

For the past few years of studying in IT Multimedia I’ve become quite interested in developing websites and also software development, and creating mobile applications for smartphones/tablets.

Thanks for viewing my blog.
The purpose of this WordPress is to showcase my work.

Some of my other work like digital graphics and photography can found on my deviantArt profile.

Catherine (Cartoonized)


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